The John Deere Classic, originally known as the Quad Cities Open, was introduced in 1971. Its inception was largely due to the efforts of a group of local businessmen in the Quad Cities area, who sought to bring a professional golf tournament to the region. The Quad Cities are a group of five cities straddling the Mississippi River on the Iowa-Illinois boundary.


The tournament’s early years saw it being played at various golf courses around the Quad Cities area before settling at its current location, the TPC Deere Run in Silvis, Illinois, in 2000. The course itself, designed by former PGA Tour player D.A. Weibring, has been praised for its natural beauty and challenging layout.

Deere & Company, known for its John Deere brand of agricultural equipment, became the title sponsor of the tournament in 1998, leading to its rebranding as the John Deere Classic the following year. This partnership has been crucial in elevating the tournament’s profile and increasing its charitable impact.

Over the years, the John Deere Classic has grown in stature and is celebrated for its contributions to local charities, with millions of dollars raised for various causes.

It has also become a pivotal event for golfers looking to secure their first PGA Tour win or to qualify for major championships like the British Open. The tournament’s commitment to charity, community involvement, and the development of golf has made it a cherished stop on the PGA Tour calendar.

Here’s a brief overview of the course and its history:


  • City: Silvis, Illinois
  • Region: Quad Cities area

Course Details

  • Opened: 2000
  • Designer: D.A. Weibring, a former PGA Tour professional
  • Type: Private golf course
  • Par: 71
  • Length: The course stretches over 7,268 yards from the championship tees.

Features and Characteristics

  • Landscape: TPC Deere Run is set in a beautiful, natural setting with rolling hills and a picturesque landscape that incorporates the Rock River as a scenic backdrop to several holes.
  • Design Philosophy: The course was designed to harmonize with the natural environment, featuring mature trees, wetlands, and dramatic elevation changes.

    Weibring aimed to create a course that is challenging for professional players during the John Deere Classic while remaining playable and enjoyable for amateurs and club members.
  • Signature Holes: The course has several memorable holes, with the 18th being particularly noteworthy. This closing hole is a challenging par-4 that requires a precise approach shot to a green guarded by water and a demanding bunker layout.

History and Development

  • The development of TPC Deere Run was a significant part of expanding the TPC Network of courses and enhancing the PGA Tour’s presence in the Midwest. The course was built on the site of the former Friendship Farm, an area with a rich history dating back to the early 19th century. This history is preserved in the property’s clubhouse, which was once a family home on the farm.
  • Since opening, TPC Deere Run has received acclaim for its design, condition, and the quality of the golfing experience it offers. It has served as a worthy venue for the John Deere Classic, contributing to the tournament’s growth and popularity among players and fans alike.

The design and construction of TPC Deere Run focused on creating a course that blends seamlessly with its natural surroundings, providing a challenging yet fair test of golf. The course has been well received by both professionals playing in the John Deere Classic and the golfing public, earning a reputation as one of the best courses in Illinois.


The John Deere Classic plays a unique and strategic role in the PGA Tour schedule, particularly due to its positioning as one of the final opportunities for players to qualify for The Open Championship, one of golf’s four major tournaments.

This aspect of the tournament has been significantly enhanced by the introduction of the Open Qualifying Series, which allows players not already exempt to earn their spot in The Open by finishing in the top five at the John Deere Classic.

To mitigate the logistical challenges faced by players who wish to compete in both the John Deere Classic and The Open Championship—often held just a week apart and separated by the Atlantic Ocean—the organizers of the John Deere Classic took a proactive step in 2008 by sponsoring a charter flight.

This specially arranged flight departs from the Quad Cities on Sunday night, immediately following the conclusion of the tournament, and arrives in Britain the next morning.

This service ensures that participating players and their caddies can transition smoothly between the two events, minimizing travel fatigue and providing them with the maximum possible preparation time for The Open.

This logistical support serves multiple purposes

  1. Attractiveness to Players: By offering direct and efficient travel arrangements to The Open, the John Deere Classic becomes more appealing to a broader field of players, including those from international locations who plan to compete in The Open. It helps in attracting a competitive field, despite its proximity on the calendar to one of golf’s most prestigious majors.
  2. Preparation for The Open: For players, the opportunity to compete the week before a major can be invaluable. The John Deere Classic offers not just a chance to qualify for The Open but also to hone their game under tournament conditions, making the transition to major championship play smoother.
  3. Commitment to Player Welfare: The provision of a charter flight underscores the tournament organizers’ commitment to the welfare and convenience of the players, ensuring they are not overly burdened by the demands of the international golf circuit.
  4. Promotion of the Tournament: This unique offering helps in marketing the John Deere Classic, distinguishing it from other events on the PGA Tour schedule and highlighting the organizers’ efforts to integrate their tournament within the broader context of the global golf calendar.

The charter flight is a testament to the innovative approaches tournament organizers can take to enhance the appeal of their events, support the players, and ensure the sport of golf continues to thrive on an international scale. This initiative by the John Deere Classic not only benefits the players but also contributes to the prestige and attractiveness of the tournament itself.


John Deere announced a major product launch at the Commodity Classic trade show in Houston, Texas, marking one of the most significant introductions in the company’s 187-year history.

This launch encompasses a wide range of new products and solutions across various categories, including agricultural, construction, forestry, and more, aiming to enhance productivity, efficiency, and sustainability for its customers.

Key highlights from the launch include

  • Autonomy-ready 9RX series tractors, introducing an industry-leading 830 horsepower model, showcasing John Deere’s commitment to innovation and technological advancement in agricultural machinery.
  • C-Series air carts, designed to improve seeding productivity, quality, and accuracy, reflecting the company’s focus on precision agriculture.
  • AI-enabled See & Spray™ Premium technology factory-installed on Hagie STS sprayers, illustrating John Deere’s pursuit of smart farming solutions that enhance efficiency and reduce waste.
  • S7 Series combines, featuring new fuel-efficient engines, cutting-edge automation features, and advancements in residue-handling, grain-handling, and loss-sensing systems, aiming to boost operational efficiency and performance.

These products represent John Deere’s ongoing effort to respond to customer needs and challenges in the agricultural sector, offering solutions that combine comfort, power, efficiency, and cutting-edge technology.

The company’s focus on autonomy, precision agriculture, and sustainability is evident in these new offerings, designed from the ground up to meet the high standards and expectations of John Deere customers​​.


In conclusion, adding to these technological advancements, the event highlighted John Deere’s broad spectrum of equipment and services, ranging from loaders, tractors, and excavators to lawn and garden care, further underscoring the company’s comprehensive approach to serving the needs of the modern farmer and construction industries​​.



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