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The John Deere 9RX 640 tractor, a remarkable achievement in agricultural machinery, was first introduced as part of the 9RX series by John Deere, a company with a storied history in farming equipment. John Deere, founded by its namesake in 1837, has been at the forefront of agricultural innovation for nearly two centuries. The 9RX series, including the 640 model, was launched to meet the evolving needs of modern large-scale farming.

The 9RX 640 made its debut in recent years, aligning with John Deere’s tradition of periodically introducing advanced machinery to address the dynamic challenges faced by the agricultural sector. This model was specifically designed to provide solutions to the demands of large-scale, intensive farming operations. Its creation was driven by the need for more efficient, powerful, and technologically advanced equipment that could enhance productivity and reduce operational costs for farmers.

The primary purpose behind the development of the 9RX 640 was to offer a tractor that combines immense power with state-of-the-art technology. John Deere recognized the growing demands of modern agriculture, which not only required machinery capable of handling vast areas of land but also necessitated a high degree of precision and efficiency. The 9RX 640 was designed to meet these challenges head-on, offering unparalleled traction, power, and control.

Equipped with a sophisticated four-track system, the 9RX 640 provides excellent traction and weight distribution, making it ideal for a variety of soil conditions and agricultural tasks. This design minimizes soil compaction, which is crucial for maintaining soil health and maximizing crop yields. The tractor’s engine and power output were carefully calibrated to deliver maximum efficiency while handling the most demanding tasks.

In addition to its mechanical prowess, the 9RX 640 is also a testament to John Deere’s commitment to integrating advanced technology into its equipment. The tractor features a range of technological innovations, including GPS-based navigation and automated farming systems, which enable precision agriculture practices. These technologies allow for more accurate planting, fertilizing, and harvesting, leading to better crop management and yield optimization.

Overall, the introduction of the John Deere 9RX 640 tractor represents a significant milestone in agricultural machinery. It embodies the perfect blend of power, efficiency, and technological sophistication, making it a vital tool for modern farmers who seek to maximize productivity and sustainability in their farming operations.

The Emission standard ratings of the model 9RX 640

These tractors typically adhere to the Tier 4 Final emission standards set by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and equivalent standards in other regions like the European Union’s Stage V regulations.

Tier 4 Final and Stage V standards are among the most rigorous emission regulations for non-road diesel engines. They require significant reductions in nitrogen oxides (NOx), particulate matter (PM), and other pollutants compared to previous tiers. To comply with these standards, John Deere uses a combination of advanced technologies like Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), and Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) in their engines.

These technologies work together to reduce emissions while maintaining or enhancing engine performance and efficiency. SCR technology uses DEF, a urea-based solution, to convert NOx into nitrogen and water vapor. DPFs capture and store particulate matter from the exhaust, which is then periodically burned off during a regeneration process.


A JD 9RX 640 working in a farm

The Hydraulics rating of the model 9RX 640

Hydraulic Flow: The 9RX series tractors offer high-capacity hydraulic flow, which is essential for operating large, hydraulic-demanding implements. The exact flow rate can vary depending on the model and configuration, but these tractors are known for their ability to handle multiple hydraulic operations simultaneously with ease.

Hydraulic Pressure: These tractors are designed to deliver consistent and high hydraulic pressure, ensuring efficient operation of connected implements.

Hydraulic Remote Outlets: The 9RX series typically includes several hydraulic remote outlets (SCVs – Selective Control Valves) to allow for the connection of various implements. The number and type of SCVs can vary, with options for customization based on specific agricultural needs.

Electronic Control: Modern John Deere tractors, like the 9RX series, often feature electronic control of the hydraulic system, allowing for precise management of flow and pressure. This can include programmable settings for different implements, improving efficiency and ease of use.

Load Sensing: Many models include a load-sensing hydraulic system, which adjusts the flow based on the demand of the implement, enhancing fuel efficiency and reducing wear on the system.


Selective control valves (SCVs)

Increased Charge Pump Capacity: The jump from a 54-cc to a 75-cc charge pump represents a nearly 40 percent increase in capacity. This improvement helps maintain higher hydraulic flow at lower engine speeds, enhancing efficiency by reducing the need for high engine RPMs for hydraulic operations. This translates to fuel savings without compromising on the power delivered to implements.

Swash Plate Angle Sensor: This sensor plays a crucial role in optimizing the hydraulic system’s performance. It monitors hydraulic flow and pressure and adjusts the engine speed accordingly to meet the demand. This intelligent adjustment ensures that the hydraulic system operates efficiently, providing the necessary power while minimizing unnecessary fuel consumption.

Integrated Hydraulic Pump, Filter, and Priority Valve: This integration leads to a more streamlined hydraulic system with fewer and shorter lines. The result is reduced pressure loss and fewer flow restrictions, which not only improves efficiency but also adds an extra layer of reliability to the system.

Intelligent Power Management (IPM): For tasks that require continuous hydraulic power, such as air seeding in challenging conditions like hilly terrains or thick, tough soil, the 9 Series Tractors can be equipped with IPM. This feature uses dual pumps along with advanced sensor and control technology to provide additional engine and hydraulic power specifically for high-demand applications. This ensures that the tractor can handle intensive tasks more effectively.


The image focuses on the side angle, emphasizing the side console, storage compartments, and the ease of access to the cabin.

The Comfort and Convenience packages available for the John Deere 9 Series Tractors. 

Including the 9RX 640, are designed to enhance the operator’s experience, especially during long hours of work. These packages, named Select, Premium, and Ultimate, offer varying levels of comfort and convenience features but share some common elements:

  • John Deere CommandARM™ Console: This feature is a cornerstone of the tractor’s cab environment. The CommandARM console provides easy access to critical controls, allowing for efficient and comfortable operation. Its ergonomic design ensures that the most frequently used controls are conveniently located within the operator’s natural reach, reducing fatigue and increasing productivity.
  • Ample Storage Space: Understanding the long hours operators spend in the cab, these tractors are equipped with sufficient storage space for essential items. This includes compartments for drinks, meals, and other stowable items, ensuring that operators have everything they need within easy reach.
  • Multiple Power Outlets: Recognizing the increasing need for electronic devices in modern farming operations, the cab includes plenty of outlets to keep electronics charged. This could include devices such as smartphones, tablets, GPS devices, or other equipment essential for communication or farm management tasks.

The differences among the Select, Premium, and Ultimate packages likely pertain to the level of luxury and additional features offered. For example, the Ultimate package might include advanced features such as better seat materials, more sophisticated climate control systems, or additional electronic features compared to the Select and Premium packages.

Powershift Transmission of the 9RX 640 

Type of Transmission: The Powershift transmission is a type of automatic transmission that allows seamless shifting through gears without the need for a clutch pedal. This system is particularly advantageous in heavy-duty agricultural work as it provides smooth and efficient power transfer.

Gears: These tractors often come with a significant number of forward and reverse gears. The exact number can vary, but it’s common for high-end models like the 9RX 640 to have 18 or more forward gears and several reverse gears. This wide range of gears allow the tractor to operate effectively across different speeds and tasks.

Efficiency and Control: The Powershift transmission in John Deere tractors is designed for high efficiency and precise control. It allows operators to select the best gear for the current task, optimizing performance and fuel efficiency.

Ease of Use: One of the main advantages of the Powershift transmission is its ease of use. Operators can shift gears quickly and smoothly without the need to manually engage a clutch, which is particularly beneficial during tasks that require frequent changes in speed or direction.

Durability: The transmission is built to handle the high torque output of the tractor’s engine and the demands of heavy agricultural work. It’s designed to be durable and reliable, reducing downtime and maintenance needs.

Customization and Settings: Many John Deere tractors with Powershift transmission offer customizable settings. Operators can adjust transmission behavior to match their specific needs or preferences, enhancing the tractor’s versatility.

Automation Features: Some models might include automated features, such as automatic shifting at pre-set engine speeds or load conditions, further enhancing the tractor’s efficiency and ease of use. The Powershift transmission in the John Deere 9RX 640 is a key component contributing to the tractor’s performance, allowing it to handle a wide range of agricultural tasks efficiently and effectively.

The first image provides a view from the driver’s seat, highlighting the modern control panel, steering, and various operational levers and switches.

Here’s how these tracks enable the tractor to climb obstacles with ease:

Four-Track System: The 9RX series, including the 9RX 640, features a four-track system. Unlike traditional two-track or wheel systems, four tracks provide a larger footprint. This increased contact area with the ground results in better weight distribution and reduced ground pressure, which is crucial for maintaining stability and traction on uneven surfaces.

Improved Traction: The tracks are designed to grip the ground firmly, which is essential for climbing over obstacles. The tread pattern and track material are engineered to maintain contact with the ground even in slippery or loose soil conditions, providing the necessary traction to move forward over obstacles.

Reduced Soil Compaction: The large footprint of the four-track system spreads the weight of the tractor more evenly. This not only aids in climbing obstacles but also minimizes soil compaction, which is vital for maintaining soil health and crop productivity.


Durability and Strength: The tracks are built to withstand tough conditions. They are made of durable materials that can endure the wear and tear of moving over rough, uneven terrain, including rocks, ridges, and other obstacles.

Hydraulic Power and Engine Strength: The hydraulic power and the high horsepower of the engine in the 9RX 640 provide the necessary force to propel the tractor forward and upward, even when facing significant obstacles. This power, combined with the efficient transmission of force through the tracks, enables the tractor to climb effectively.

Sophisticated Control Systems: Modern tractors like the 9RX 640 are equipped with advanced control systems that help optimize power delivery and track performance. These systems can automatically adjust to different terrain types, ensuring that the tractor maintains traction and stability.

Suspension and Comfort: The suspension system in these tractors is designed to absorb shocks and vibrations, which is particularly important when traversing over obstacles. This not only aids in maintaining stability but also ensures operator comfort, which is crucial for maintaining control during challenging maneuvers.

The combination of these features makes the John Deere 9RX 640 exceptionally capable of climbing over obstacles, showcasing its suitability for a wide range of agricultural tasks, even in the most demanding environments.

ManufacturerJohn Deere
TypeArticulated Crawler Tractor
Production LocationWaterloo, Iowa, USA
Original Price (2023)$896,199
EngineJohn Deere 13.6L 6-cylinder diesel
Fuel Tank Capacity400 gallons (1514.0 liters)
DEF Tank Capacity31.7 gallons (120.0 liters)
Transmission18-speed full power shift
Engine Power (Gross)631.6 horsepower
Engine Power (Max)681.2 horsepower
PTO Power (Claimed)335 horsepower
SteeringArticulated power steering
BrakesHydraulic wet disc
CabinStandard with air-conditioning
Hydraulic System TypeClosed center pressure/flow compensated
Hydraulic Pressure2900 psi (200.0 bar)
Hydraulic Valves4 to 8
Pump Flow55 gpm (208.2 lpm)
Optional Pump Flow110 gpm (416.4 lpm)
SCV Flow35 gpm (132.5 lpm)
Optional SCV Flow42 gpm (159.0 lpm)
Rear Hitch TypeIVN/IV
Rear Lift Capacity15,000 lbs (6804 kg)
Optional Rear Lift20,000 lbs (9072 kg)
Wheelbase162.5 inches (412 cm)
Weight56,320 lbs (25,546 kg)
Track Size30-inch tracks
Electrical SystemNegative ground, alternator charging
Charging Amps250 amps (330 amps optional)
Battery Voltage12 volts

Compare 9RX 640 with competitors.

  • John Deere 9RX 640:
    • Engine: 13.6L, up to 681.2 HP.
    • Special Feature: Four-track system.
    • Technology: Advanced GPS and automated farming systems.
  • Case IH Steiger Quadtrac:
    • Engine: Up to 620 HP.
    • Special Feature: Quadtrac four-track system.
    • Technology: AFS Connect™ for tractor management.
  • New Holland T9 with SmartTrax™:
    • Engine: Up to 605 HP.
    • Special Feature: SmartTrax™ track system.
    • Technology: Integrated PLM™ technology.
  • Fendt 1000 Vario:
    • Engine: Up to 517 HP.
    • Special Feature: VarioDrive transmission.
    • Technology: FendtONE integrated interface.
  • AGCO’s Challenger Series:
    • Engine: Up to 500 HP.
    • Special Feature: Mobil-trac system.
    • Technology: Advanced telemetry systems.

FAQs related to this search

  • What are the key features of the John Deere 9RX 640 tractor?

The 9RX 640 boasts a powerful 13.6L 6-cylinder diesel engine with up to 681.2 horsepower, a high-capacity hydraulic system, advanced four-track system for optimal traction, and a state-of-the-art, comfortable cabin.

  • How does the 9RX 640’s four-track system benefit large-scale farming operations?

The four-track system provides superior traction, better weight distribution, and reduced soil compaction, enhancing efficiency and productivity in large-scale farming.

  • What are the horsepower and engine specifications of the 9RX 640?

The tractor is equipped with a John Deere 13.6L 6-cylinder diesel engine, delivering 631.6 horsepower (gross) and up to 681.2 horsepower at maximum capacity.

  • How does the 9RX 640 tractor handle different soil conditions?

Its four-track system ensures excellent performance in various soil conditions, including wet and uneven terrains, by improving stability and reducing slippage.

  • What are the technological advancements integrated into the 9RX 640?

It includes GPS navigation, automated farming systems for precision agriculture, and advanced diagnostics for efficient farm management.

  • How does the 9RX 640’s hydraulic system enhance its performance?

The tractor features a closed center pressure/flow compensated hydraulic system with a high flow rate, allowing for efficient operation of multiple hydraulic implements simultaneously.

  • What are the cabin features and operator comfort considerations in the 9RX 640?

The cabin is designed with ergonomic controls, air-conditioning, and excellent visibility, prioritizing operator comfort and convenience during long working hours.

  • What are the maintenance requirements for the 9RX 640 tractor?

Regular maintenance includes engine checks, hydraulic system inspections, track adjustments, and adherence to the service schedule provided in the tractor’s manual.

  • How does the 9RX 640 contribute to precision agriculture?

The tractor supports precision agriculture through its advanced technology, allowing for accurate planting, fertilizing, and harvesting, thus optimizing crop yields and efficiency.

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