Bird House Cuckoo Clock

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Heating, stress releasing, billet heating, annealing

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Trolley type stress release and annealing furnace

Fuel: natural gas, heating value:8500Kcal/Nm³, pressure before inlet: 200Kpa, regulated pressure: 8-15Kpa,
Working temperature:600-1200℃
Max Capacity: 50-400Ton
Work piece: pressure vessel, boiler drum, tubes etc.
Temperature control accuracy: ±10℃
Burners: 450KW per set
Heating time: up to 800℃ less than 2h
Structure: Truss type steel structure and door, movable back wall
Lining:High aluminum full fiber module
Control: Siemens PLC, IPC for temperature control, manual and automatic switchable


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