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Jiangsu Tuqiang Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. (Abbreviation as TQ) was established in 1993, which was known as Louzhuang Tuqiang Machinery Factory. We are China top supplier for heat treatment furnaces and bellows type expansion joints etc.. We believed that researching development and experience accumulation are the guarantee of craftsmanship and quality.

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Heat treatment furnaces

With more than 25 years designing and manufacturing experience, TQ established an experienced team and produced great quality furnaces for domestic and oversea ma rkets. Our furnaces was very popular among Chinese state-owned enterprises firstly, and as these enterprises build factories overseas and cooperate with locals companies, which prompted us to open the first step in foreign markets. Now our furnaces are sold to Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, Russia, Pakistan etc. With the development of the network, video acceptance and factory debugging before machinery export facilitated customer acceptances.
Our design philosophy: high efficiency, energy saving, stability and environmental protection.Our products including mesh belt furnaces, car type furnaces, hood type furnaces, step type furnaces, ring type furnaces, pit type furnaces etc. Which can achieves the function of quenching, tempering, annealing, stress releasing, carburizing and nitriding, bright annealing etc.
ISO 9001:2015
21 patent applications

Bellows type expansion joints

As our city’s featured Industry, TQ started the manufacturing for bellows type expansion joints in 1998, and advantage product is thick wall type expansion joints which is widely used for petrochemical industry, mining, hydroelectric power station, nuclear power station, etc.. Market share in segmented areas for thick wall bellows type expansion joints, more than 55% percentage of domestic market. And our expansion joints are sold to Southeast Asia, Middle East, East Asia etc. Our customers including Japan Matsumori, Eastern Electric, CNPC, Taiwan Formosa, Sinopec, Israel Isromco etc..
Carry out standard: EJMA
Certificate: ASME U

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